Friday, December 21, 2007

Welcome to the Feola-Gustafson family weblog.

If you are reading this, then perhaps you just got a wedding invitation.

Laura and I are busy planning the wedding. The invites are out!

Currently, we're anxiously awaiting confirmation from Zazou, the gypsy jazz band we want to book. Check them out.

Once we hear back, all the talent, culinary, musical, and otherwise, will have been hired. That's a load off.

Now I've just got to get the liquor license and the booze. I'll try my best not to forget.


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christina said...

Jeff, Laura and Goober!
The big day (or one of the big days) is almost here! We finally read down beyond the driving directions to the mansion and noticed the blog link and gift registry. (registry site doesn't update for 24 hrs, so everyone we've got the Hewit wine glasses (Macy's) covered).
Congratulations and we'll see you soon.
love, Christy and Tim