Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Gypsy Jazz sans accordian?

Oy vey! ZaZou's accordion player is unavailable for the wedding. So Laura and I have to decide if we stick with them, even though the quintessential gypsy jazz instrument will be silent. Can a trumpet sub for an accordion? Does a bear crap in the woods?

Hey you Feolas! Can you work that family connection with the Petosa's and get us an accordion musician versed in gypsy jazz?

We've also looked into some other bands. If anyone out there has suggestions, we're all ears. But at this point we're still favoring ZaZou sans (sigh) accordion.

Update (12/21/07): We're going to book ZaZou. The other wedding bands were either cover bands or accomlished jazz bands. IMHO, even a good cover band still leaves you wanting more (I'd rather just play records). And as for the jazz bands, I'd be up for a Bebop wedding, but I'm not sure anyone else would dig it. ZaZou will fit the bill. Bring your happy feet.

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Erik K. Gustafson said...

You all did it! The wedding ceremony and celebration were things to behold. Unforgettable. And vewwy sacwed. ZaZou can really swing, and so did the guests. Well, most of the guests. LOL. BIG BIG Congrats to Jeff and Laura! Have fun in Hawaii!